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Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Not only Social Media Marketing but “A Responsive Social Media Marketing”

Promotion > Participation > Profitable

Today social media is widely accepted by companies for promoting products, generating user base, getting feedback for their product and services. People spend huge amount of money only for generating fans and followers on social media. We @ Intelliworkz believe that it is sheer waste of money. Intelliworkz has strategized the utilization of social media not only for the promotion and branding of your products and company but most importantly for generating business leads and enquiries for your products and services. We charge from our clients not for generating followers and fans but for the business enquiries that we generate for their products. We also specialize in creating communities and channels for your brand on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn etc.

All companies focus on social media marketing but social media design is of equal importance. For example if you give advertisement in newspaper but the design of your advertisement is not so appealing it would not attract your target audience. Same thing applies to social media marketing. If you just post content on you social media platform it is not going to work. You need to design good creative advertisement along with unique content which effectively communicates with your target audience.  We @ Intelliworkz focus on social media design for all those clients who have subscribed our social media marketing services.

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