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Employee Management Systems


When anyone talks about employee management system things which come into mind are leave, attendance, salary management, task management, performance management and recruitment.

We @ Intelliworkz have framed it little differently. We believe that Employees are assets of any organization and above all this they are human beings. Hence we call it Human Assets Management (HAM).

We not only provide software solutions but also recruitment and retaining solutions to the organization. Today new recruitment as well as retaining older employees has become a major challenge for the companies. We provide services where we understand your employee policies, organizational behavior and provide you appropriate solutions for your Human Assets Management.

Software’s that we provide to you includes at 360 degree approach which delivers solutions for your HR Department along with the retention ideas for each employee and 360 degree performance appraisal tools.

For more details on our services kindly write to us on or call us on +91 9879636303.

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