ERP System Design


If your growing organisation needs a proven, secure, easy to use and contemporary business platform along with continuous IT support, regular business innovation, flexibility to upgrade in terms of technology and maintenance - Intelliworkz Cloud ERP is the answer to your needs. 

Selection, designing and development of the ERP platform for future business needs is more than just a process of executing ideas along with a standard methodology. It requires a team with knowledge of ERP systems and standard business process models that can rapidly foresee future-state circumstances, effectively mapping of desired future state to ERP competence, guiding management through a complicated decision, and defining an accomplishment scope to be executed with self-assurance and deadlines.

Our ERP Designing Services includes:

  1. Best business practices, detailed requirement gathering, functional and technical evaluation, sturdy architecture
  2. Project execution and timely delivery
  3. Experienced  software testers and maintenance people to give hassle free operations

We design ERP for companies belonging to various different sectors like FMCG, Construction, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Advertising, Publications, ecommerce and Startup Internet Companies.

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