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Manufacturers in India are facing lot of trouble for generating genuine leads for their products. Even after spending lot of money on marketing and promotional activities they are unable to generate product specific enquiries.

Intelliworkz Business Solution is a 360 degree marketing Solution Company which focuses on generating pure and genuine leads for such companies by doing promotional activities to the right target audience. We specialise in generating enquiries for industrial products, MRO supplies and capital goods.

We also work on pay per lead system where manufacturers doesn't pay for the efforts but only for the results that they get in terms of validated enquiries.

Second most important thing is lead management. Most of the industries and service providers are facing difficulties in managing their sales leads and are unable to know the end result as to what has happened to the leads which are been generated after putting lot of efforts in marketing the brand, products and services of the company to reach out to the right target audience.

At Intelliworkz we provide solutions to the manufacturers and service providers not only by generating product specific leads but also doing the follow up task on each and every leads been generated and give detailed report and analysis on each lead. By this manufacturers and suppliers come to know the exact results and hence further business can be improved.

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