Lead Validation

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In sales leads are the most important tools to generate more revenue. But when you keep on spending money on advertising and marketing and you receive leads which are useless to you or bogus leads, your money is gone waste as well as it has consumed your quality manpower on lead verification rather than lead closures.

Intelliworkz offers you Lead Verification Services where we give you 100% validated leads. Each and every lead or enquiry is been validated by the team of engineers in terms of contact details, technical details, need analysis and other delivery terms. Once validated the lead/enquiry is been forwarded to the concerned person/persons in your organization by email as well as a telephonic notification is given to contact the customer on urgent basis.

The leads validated by Intelliworkz have proved that clients have got rapid increase in their business and their staff had started focusing on sales closure rather than wasting their quality time in verification process.

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