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Document Digitization Services


Intelliworkz document digitization services and scanning services offers clients a complete and affordable paper to electronic data solutions. Our capability is to ensure that converted electronic documents can be edited, formatted, arranged and can be searched as per the need of client. We have an experience of digitizing and managing large volume of data.

 Benefits of converting paper data to electronic data 

1.      Support to electronic process

2.      Reduce cost to manage the data

3.      A way to paperless office

4.      Improved TAT and SLA’s due to streamline processed and easily searchable data

5.      Reduction in OpEx

6.      Real-time MIS and reporting possible

Keeping in mind the data security part all the documents which are processed by us are kept on cloud server as well as on local server at the client side. The password of the cloud server is then handed over to the client. So if any accidental damages occur to the local server, there is always a second copy lying on the cloud server.

All the arrangement related to storage of data on cloud server and other IT infrastructure is done by our team of experts.

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